Report Cards

In 2018, the SciAd coordinated with the Citizen Action Committee to create basin report cards to explain data that has been collected in a watershed to both volunteers and the public. In partnership with the Kentucky Geological Survey, Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute, the SciAd developed a routine to aggregate E. coli and field results to grade small Hydrologic Unit Code 10 (HUC10) watersheds or results from a sampling site for a given period. This routine generates a five-scale (A through F) grade for each qualified HUC10 watershed and sampling site. Two types of grades were developed, a “Field Chemistry” grade derived from the field measurements and estimates, and a “Bacteria” grade calculated from E. coli lab results. The routine was applied to an interactive map service, allowing users to quickly view the grades for HUC 10 basins for a selected year.

These report cards are set up as a brochure that basins can easily manipulate to include their information. The report card gives basic information about the basin, information about the types of monitoring volunteers do, an explanation of the different scores (i.e. field chemistry and bacteria) and how they are generated, and maps showing the grades for the different sites and watersheds in the basin.

2018 Basin Report Cards

Big Sandy 2018 Report Card

Green and Tradewater Rivers 2018 Report Card

Kentucky River 2018 Report Card

Licking River 2018 Report Card

Salt River 2018 Report Card

Upper Cumberland River 2018 Report Card


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