Recommended Best Practices for Basins

Agreement Between Laboratory and Basins


This agreement between labs and basin organizations is intended to help standardize how data is reported to WWKY and help streamline the data entry process. The majority of the contract should be considered mandatory, especially the dilution of samples, the reporting in Appendix A, and the data entry format.

Sections E and H are considered optional and may be omitted at the Basin Group’s discretion, as some basins do not need bottles provided, and some labs cannot complete analysis within 2 weeks at the current cost.

For questions about the contract please contact Dale Booth, SCIAD Chair,

Data Entry Templates

The data entry excel spreadsheet (ex. LabNAME_Data_Template1.xls) can be found below. Be sure to download the data template that is specific to the lab you use. Instructions for how to use the template are included on the first sheet labeled “Instructions”.

For questions about the Data Template please contact Steve Evans,

1.) Ashland Data Template

2.) ASA Data Template

3.) Beattyville Data Template

4.) Beckmar Data Template

5.) Carrollton Data Template

6.) Fouser Data Template

7.) Hancock Data Template

8.) KGS Data Template

9.) McCoy Data Template

10.) Microbac Data Template

11.) Morehead Data Template

12.) NKY Data Template

13.) REIC Data Template

14.) Somerset Data Template

15.) WKU Data Template









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