Why do we do this? bella-performing-ph-srww-fall-2016
We love streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and underground waters!

How are we funded?
We receive financial support from the Virginia Environmental Endowment, US EPA 319h Funds and through in-kind support from volunteers across Kentucky

Where do we monitor?
At over 700 stations across Kentucky

What are you finding?
Our data is available on-line through the Kentucky Geological Survey

What is your data used for?

  1.  Answering our volunteers questions if our water is safe to swim in, fish in and enjoy.
  2. Providing local community leadership with information on the health of their streams
  3. Analysis and research conducted by universities and consulting companies
  4. Screening for trouble spots and outstanding resources by government agencies
  5. Documenting effectiveness of pollution control efforts.

How can I get involved?
If you are interested in a stream near you contact us!

Bringing science to the people and people to the water’s edge.