Citizen Action Program

In addition to the Core Monitoring Program, WWKY’s Citizen Action Program provides volunteers with tools for interpreting monitoring data, allowing volunteers to identify the sources of lrww-cleanup-south-fork-licking-pendleton-countyproblems and find resources for determining appropriate remedies.  These tools include a data portal, a template for Citizen Action Plans, and a team of Science Advisors on hand to assist volunteers as needed.  These tools are designed to engage citizen scientists in a sustained effort to understand results of wchurch-schoolater sampling and seek solutions that are informed by sound science.

Over the past 20 years, the Watershed Watch in Kentucky model has proven to be extremely successful for WWKY. Volunteer data has been used in 30 of the 37 watershed plans that have been or are currently under development in Kentucky. Volunteers have been directly involved in implementation of on the ground practices to improve water quality in 15 of these 37 watershed plan areas.

Volunteers have made a drakes-creek-watershed-festival5tremendous impact on Kentucky waters by working within their communities to make systemic, behavioral and policy changes.

Bringing science to the people and people to the water’s edge.